Peruvian Deep Wave

$ 95.00

Our Peruvian has been Graded 7A APPROVED!!!

Virgin Peruvian Hair is our Top Seller due to it being thicker in texture than Brazilian hair. If you like extremely full hair and lighter brown colors, then Peruvian hair is the hair for you. It will provide you with the strength, body of Brazilian hair with the smoothness of European hair. This hair is very thick with a fine texture and matches well with natural African-American hair textures and can be dyed to any color of your liking.


Note: Hair last well over 1 year, up to 2 years and beyond with proper hair care and maintenance.


Weight: 3.5 oz

Texture: Most wavy than all other Peruvian Textures

Recommend Brazilian Beach Wavy closure to match this texture

Color: All Hair comes in natural color 1b to 2

Styling: 2-3 or sometimes 4 bundles are generally used based on desired fullness and length.

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