How To: Brown to Blonde Ombre from ADifferentChic

By Tracee Smith
on February 04, 2015

Here are the steps aDifferentChic took to turn her Runway Riches Brazilian Deep Curly hair from brown to blonde!

Disclaimer!!! She is NOT a professional these are the steps that worked for her.

Brazilian Deep Curly

Brazilian Deep Curly Ombre by ADifferentChic

By Tracee Smith
on January 31, 2015
"When life gives you lemons make Lemonade!"

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P: (678) 786-9297 E: Runway Riches is located inside of Factory Six03 at the Common Desk 603 Munger Ave, Ste 100, Dallas,...

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Hair Care

Co-wash hair before install (Recommended) Condition hair in lukewarm water while still bundled, let hair sit for 5 minutes Rinse out conditio...

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